So, How Do You Stay in Love? So, How Do You Stay in Love?
Would Jesus and Muhammad Have Agreed? Would Jesus and Muhammad Have Agreed?
Does God Really Keep His Promises? Does God Really Keep His Promises?
So, Where Do I Start? So, Where Do I Start?
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Meet the CQ Team Meet Your Hosts, Rick & Jonathan

Meet Your Hosts, Rick & Jonathan

Meet Rick:  My personal Christian experience is as long as my life, as I was raised by parents whose dedication to serving God through Christ was as apparent as the nose on one’s face.  Even as a teenager, while most were in a rebellious stage of life, I always had […]

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So, How Do You Stay in Love?
Holidays / Program / Social Issues

So, How Do You Stay in Love?

Tools and ideas to maintain marital strength

We humans are built to long for love commitment and longevity. We all want to be happy and for most that means being involved in a special relationship. We want “…and they all lived happily ever after!” for such an end is what dreams are made of. For a few, this may become their reality but for most their reality sounds more like “and they lived tentatively ever after, never quite satisfied, but rather they were tolerant of their lot in life.” How do we avoid the tragedy of the last ending and find some of the “happily” of the first?

Would Jesus and Muhammad Have Agreed?
Current Events / Program

Would Jesus and Muhammad Have Agreed?

Revealing Islam's perspective on the Bible

We live in very touchy times. Whether it is debating political positions or arguing for more of what we believe are our rights, or standing against those who want to do us harm, there are multiple ways of looking at these things. Religion is no different. Did you know that about one half of the world is either Christian or Muslim? That’s a lot of people! Kinda makes you wonder – with so many people professing to follow either of these paths, would the founders of these paths, Jesus and Muhammad, have been in agreement with one another?

Does God Really Keep His Promises?
Doctrine / Program

Does God Really Keep His Promises?

Tracing the context and surety of God’s promises

Promises, promises. Did you ever stop to think about how much of our lives revolve around promises? There are promises at every level of life – those made by a child to secure a privilege, those made when you agree to the conditions of your job, those made between a man and a woman at marriage, those made in political campaigns. Then there are the private promises we make to ourselves and to God. We judge character by the keeping of promises. A promise keeper is a trustworthy person. Then there are the promises that God makes to us. It seems like there a lot of them, but to many it seems God hasn’t kept them. So, Is God a trustworthy promise keeper?

So, Where Do I Start?
Character / Doctrine / General / Program

So, Where Do I Start?

Basic focus points for a new Christian life

Tell me if this is familiar: You have decided that your life feels pretty empty, that what you have tried and how you have tried it just does not work. You know there has got to be more meaning to life and so you are drawn to Christianity and you accept Jesus! For a while, you feel better, but slowly you get that gnawing feeling that nothing has really fundamentally changed in your life. What do you do? How do you find the real bottom line change that you have been looking for and actually let it change you? If this description fits you or someone you know, then stay with us, because we are going to get basic and practical! I am a Christian but want to REALLY be a Christian. So, where do I start?

Our Children:  Will They Ever Grow Up?
Current Events / Program / Social Issues

Our Children: Will They Ever Grow Up?

Micro-aggression, safe spaces and the lost art of parenting

For many, one of the most exciting events in life is the birth of a child. Once they are born, we really begin to understand how fragile, innocent and utterly dependent they are. If not completely cared for on a round-the-clock basis, they have little chance in life. As they grow it dawns on us that their physical dependence gives way to emotional and life skills dependence, so we must continue to rise to the challenge of parenting in an ever-changing way. At some point, the plan is for them to stand, think, act and live on their own. This is, or should be the victory of parenthood! Folks, something is really wrong…many of our children are not learning this independence! Where did we go wrong?

So, When Does the Rapture Happen?
Program / Prophecy

So, When Does the Rapture Happen?

Biblically defining texts that seem to teach a Rapture

The Rapture – it is one of those Bible teachings promoted by some that draws all kinds of attention. It is dramatic – millions of people all just vanishing at the same moment! It is sobering – what is left behind is a world that rapidly sinks into chaos and destruction! It is scary – God’s judgment pronounced in an instant and you are either in or you are out! But the question is – is it true? Is this a real and legitimate teaching of Scripture we should truly heed or is it a fabrication of the minds of men based on a misrepresentation of Scripture? Let’s find out!

Do You Like What You See in the Mirror?
Character / Holidays / Program

Do You Like What You See in the Mirror?

Learning to view our own reflection as God views it

Happy New Year! …Or is it? Have you asked yourself if you are happy and excited about this New Year or do you fear the same old stuff will get in the way of the better life you had imagined? When you look at your own character and your own track record, what do you see? Do you see accomplishment and progress or failure and backsliding? Do you see consistency and focus or sporadic efforts and distracted attention? Bottom line: do you want to do better, do you want to be better and do you want to feel better about where you stand? Well, stay with us!

Does the Day Belong to Jesus or Santa Claus?
Holidays / Inspiration / Program

Does the Day Belong to Jesus or Santa Claus?

Prophecy and the lesser known surrounding Jesus' birth

So, Christmas day is here. Hopefully it is filled with family, joy and happiness! Hopefully it provides some time to sit back and reflect on the amazing opportunities we have for freedom. Honestly, sometimes we at CQ look at Christmas as a bittersweet holiday. While we enjoy the story of Santa and his elves and do appreciate the goodwill that does seem to surface at this time of year, we feel a sadness at the lack of attention paid to the real story of Christmas. It is really too bad we are so afraid to name the name of Jesus Christ at Christmas! Well, not today, not now! Stay with us as we stop everything else and honor the real story!

Are Demons Real?
Doctrine / Program

Are Demons Real?

Who demons are, where they came from and what to do!

Demons – what are they – who are they? Are they associated with Satan or are they figments of very fertile imaginations, brought to life through very real special effects and computer technology? Demons are real and are the minions of Satan – but when we think of minions, what do we think of? Believe it or not, we have become comfortable with demons being among us, because they are so often portrayed as misunderstood and even likable beings. Are we in trouble? Yes!

How is Jesus “The Life”? (Part III)
Bible Character / Character / Program

How is Jesus “The Life”? (Part III)

Defining what living in Jesus means daily

So, what do you think of when you hear the statement, “Ah, this is the life!” Ease, fortune and comfort? Well, Jesus said He is “The Life” – so what does that mean and does that statement still develop the same picture in your head? Probably not. Okay, how is Jesus “The Life” and how should that affect our daily experiences?